Ponchi Giga

A black and white comic about sexuality from Digimon. Here you’ll find some of the sex stories that were a part of the world of fur. For instance, the main character of the comic fell into grasp of an unnatural creature. The creature clearly desires to mate with a busty fur beautyand makes every effort for this. It is evident that the creature is engaging the beautiful woman in a sexual affair by taking off her clothes and rubbing the watermelon.

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Koshian Hoippu

Looks like Rukia and Ichigo will have to share a room for a night once again but this time everything is going to be very different from all the previous occasions – this time Rukia is going to reveal herself as a passionate woman who has finally noticed that Ichigo has grwoned into big and strong man… yeah, in more simple words they are finally going to fuck each other!

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Blonde Shinigami Onsen Sequence 2

A short story about Bleach’s main character. She was about to soak in the tub, but was interrupted by a cute man. Of course, she could easily kick his ass out but looks like she is happy today , so the dude has opted for a very good titjob instead. The reality that our heroine allowed him to cum all over her facehas made him real happy!

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Jill Valentine [Human High-Light Film] [Resident Evil]

This alternate story to “Resident Evil” shows Jill Valentine that there are worse things than killing an entire group of zombies. It is to be a loyal toy for the Umbrella Corporation perverts! There will be lots of fuckingand shooting (if we know what we are talking about) will take place within and around Jill Valentine.

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[DangerousBride] Her irresistible rookie (Resident Evil)

Leon was chasing Ada from the very first time he has seen her and from that moment on for some of RE fans their relations were even more interesting than all that background with zombies and viruses and evil corporations. Are you one of such fans? Then you are definitely going to enjoy this parody comics in which Leon and Ada’s relations finally got the logical final!

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Ohigebon-20 60-pun 10000 Gil ni Narimasu 3

What this full color parody comics is about? It’s about massive orgy with the most curvy and the mosty slutty chicks that the expanded universe of “Final Fantasy” has to offer! And the best part of it that even if you will not find any familiar faces at all (which is actually impossible for a true fan) this ‘story’ still deifnitely worth to check because of the amount of hentai themed content!

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Erotifa7 vol.2.5

This hentai parody comics is going to be quite tough for sexy brunette Tifa Lockhart since here she will get fucked by not only some bunch of muscled jerks but also by some… giant doglike cretaure?! Ofcourse the true fans of “Final Fantasy VII” among you already understand about whom we are talking about but barely it will make Tifa’s life any easier for the next few pages…

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Submission Agenda: Lipstick

Blondes and redheads – the battle that lasts for years… but for photographer Peter Parker this rivalry will be resolved in his own bedroom! The truth is out! Tonight Peter’s girlfriend Mary Jane Watson will be reunited with Felicia Hardy, Spidey’s inetrest love in the inetrest. They will be able to determine which of them causes the spider-senses of both to be tingling! Make the bet, and enjoy the reading!

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Hikari Zettai no Kiki

Hikari is a beautiful young Asian beauty, invited a few hot men to her home to have a sex session in a group. She undressed and weekday down on her lap. Hikari then served some thick sausagesat a similar time. Hikari moved her cock, and sucked it whereas kissing her furry ball. Then , the woman, splaying her legs, invites the blokes to fuck her in her tightpussy and chocolate eye. The adult male takes Hikari with a vaginal squeeze. Enjoy the comic with no delay.

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Mary Venom – Spider Symbiosis Comic

Symbiote seduces busty Mary and makes her feel happy. Mary is thrilled when she is able to tear her cunt in two. The symbiote subsequently seduces the girl with his sexy round sexual sex. The symbiote continues to have fun with the girl, and she moans and pleads for more. The symbiote inserts his dick inside the girl’s body and cums inside her mouth. The girl takes the cum and thank the Symbiote.

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