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Pokemon Pornography Story: Different Types of Retirement Plans

Pokemon Pornography Story: Different Types of Retirement Plans

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Naruto Pornography Story: Naruto A Booster Shot…Of Enjoy

Naruto Pornography Story: Naruto A Booster Shot…Of Enjoy

Naruto A Booster Shot…Of Love
Chapter 1
Naruto lay on his bed staring at his ceiling, the light in the room fading as the sun set. It had been an uneventful day, the other teams where on missions, Kakashi had a mission away on his own, Sasuke had stayed training at his home and Sakura had been trying to get in to ask him on a date, but headed home after getting shot down and whacking Naruto in the head when he asked her out himself. Nothing to do, he spent some time training with his clones, but that seemed to get old too quickly. He spent the rest of the day in his room. As dusk set in, he started to get overcome by the one thing he feared most in the worldLoneliness.
This was something he tried to keep away from his friends, he thought they might worry about him, or they might not understand, but Naruto hated being alone most of the time, it reminded him of some of the worse times in his life, and brought an ache in his heart that the fox could do nothing about. And sometimes on nights like this, he found it hard to even sleep, like a part of him feared he might be alone in his nightmares too.
Naruto got up from his bed and went out to the balcony to look at the sunset, the sun having almost completely disappeared below the horizon and many of the stars that could be seen with the city lights were out. The young blonde stared out into the sky, the sight of the stars against the faint red-orange sky easing his heartache, but not enough to really matter. He then looked out over the part of the village that he could see. He could see people laughing on their ways to bars and parties, couples walking together hand-in-hand, and friends gossiping about recent personal scandals. All-in-all these made Naruto feel more alone, to see so many with their friends and loved ones. Looking around the village he could just faintly make out the lights turning on in the highest office of the Hokages tower.
Over the past week, Tsunade had acted a bit strangely around Naruto, sometimes she seemed normal, but others she acted a little antsy when he was near. The fox-nin couldnt understand why for the life of him, he couldnt think of anything different that had happened recently, but he couldnt shake the feeling that something was up with the slug Sannin, and it had to do with him.
Maybe shell talk about it, or at least she might be some good company if she hasnt been drinking too much today, Naruto thought as he set out to the Hokages office.
Tsunade had, in fact, been drinking rather heavily that day, and had been at an increasing rate all week. She wasnt sure what she was feeling, it seemed like she kept cycling through emotions like sadness, then wonder, a bit of excitement after that, then self-loathing before working back to sadness, but all of it left her depressed, hence her inebriated state.
Not even at the death of her beloved Dan was she this distraught, at least then she knew what she was feeling, sorrow and lots of it. But now her entire emotional state was in turmoil, leaving her unsure of what to think or feel and, unlike the sorrow she felt at Dans passing, the sakin her system didnt seem to help much at all with this problem. In fact, at times it seemed to make it worse, putting the same thoughts in her head that she was already trying to drive away with alcohol.
Damn it, why cant I stop thinking about him? He just keeps popping into my head, she was getting really frustrated, and it had seemed to get worse since the beginning.
Tsunade was in an examination room, Naruto had gone a little overboard with his training again, so she had come for three reasons, first to get away from the seemingly everlasting pile of paperwork on her desk, secondly to make sure her favorite blonde was alright and lastly to get into another of her little tiffs with said blonde. Although she would never admit it openly, Tsunade enjoyed her arguments with Naruto; they reminded her of both her childhood fights with her brother and the disagreements she sometimes got into with Dan.
Can I go yet, obaa-chan? Naruto wined, he always hated hospitals.
Quiet, gaki, Tsunade was upset, she had just got Narutos medical file, and found it was terribly small. Maybe the bulk of it was lost in the invasion or something, but now I have to go through a complete check-up, she thought. Naruto, it seems there was a paper mix-up or something, but your medical file is seriously light, so well have to go through a complete check-up and physical before I can let you go.
After getting his blood drawn, pulse and temperature checked, Naruto thought it was time to go when Tsunade scared him with another order, You want me to WHAT?
I said you have to strip, Tsunade said like nothing was wrong, You had to have had a physical before you could have got your shinobi I.D. right?
But why do I have to take off my clothes? the younger blonde was getting confused, and he wasnt the only one.
Youre supposed to during a physical so the doctor can make sure you are completely healthy. Seriously, how did you get through your I.D. physical with your clothes on?
The doctor just signed the form when I asked him.
To say the elder blonde was a little upset would be like saying wind country was a little warm, His paperwork wasnt lost, the bastards never bothered to write any up for him, or even check his health, Tsunade tried to contain her anger, Naruto, I am going to have to have a little talk with your former doctor, but for now, strip.
As much as she tried to hide it, Naruto could see she was angry, but could see it wasnt directed him at the moment, and wouldnt be as long as he did what he was told. As soon as his jacket and shirt were off, Tsunades anger jumped up a couple of levels once she was able to see some of the tell tale signs of malnutrition, he still had muscle on his skinny frame, probably due to Kyuubis influence, but had he been a normal person, she had no doubt he would be wasting away in this hospital. Naruto shed his pants and shoes, but stopped with his boxers on, hoping it was enough.
No gaki, you have to lose the shorts too, the younger blonde turned bright red, Naruto, I am a medic-nin and doctor, so you dont have anything I havent seen before. This is just professional, and the sooner you lose the boxers, the sooner this can be over with and the sooner you can leave, okay?
Naruto just nodded, his face almost red enough to put a certain Hyuga to shame, and dropped the underwear in the pile of his other clothes. Tsunade was a doctor, but that couldnt stop her from staring, if only for a couple seconds. From a glance, she guessed he was about five inches, maybe five and a half long completely soft, and the young teens balls seemed a fair bit bigger than they should have been, If I didnt know better, I might think he had a tanuki in him and not the fox.
Tsunade managed to regain her professionalism, and got through the entire physical without incident, but she felt like something was nagging at the back of her mind.
Once he was redressed, Naruto turned to see her writing in the folder he assumed was his file, Can I go now, obaa-chan?
Hang on a moment, she finished what she was writing and looked to her fellow blonde, Naruto, I am afraid I will have to restrict and reduce the number and difficulty of your missions for a while, and before you get angry and start yelling about it, theres a good reason. How often do you eat something other than ramen?
He shrugged, Idont really get the chance to get much else unless I go hunting or something, and I dont have much time for that, but I do okay.
She shook her head, The damn villagers went this far, she thought before she spoke, No, Naruto, youre not okay, you have some bad signs of malnutrition, actually, if it werent for yourcondition, you might be dead by now. She put her hand on the boys shoulder, Naruto, I am going to have Shizune do some shopping and a bit of more healthy cooking for you until I feel youre healthy enough, but I need you to cut back a lot on the ramen, only a bowl or two a week, okay?
Naruto nodded, normally he would argue about being cut off from his ramen, but the look on Tsunades face made him reconsider, it was the same look he had seen when Kabuto had hit his chest with something in their last fight, and almost killed him. Fine, obaa-chan, Shizune-nee-chan is a pretty good cook, anyway, he said with a smirk.
Thanks, Naruto, she ruffled his hair and gave him a chaste kiss on the cheek, both of them thinly aware of a small jolt that ran up their spines when her lips met one of his whisker marks. Now you should try to take it easy, and I will have Shizune drop off some food tonight, got it.
Naruto nodded and ran off, leaving Tsunade to deal with a certain doctor before returning to the office, paying little attention to the strange feeling in the back of her head until that night when she went to sleep.
Tsunade was laying on the comfiest bed she had ever been in, soft smells of various types of incense filling the warm room, a music box was filling the room with a beautiful tune, and a rare bottle of sake stood on the nightstand, but these luxuries were all forgotten to the woman as her moans replaced the music, the smell of sex and sweat overrode the incense, and her thrashing knocked the bottle to the floor, spilling the contents.
Pleasemore, she panted; moaning more as the head between her legs drove its tongue deeper into her folds after lightly flicking her clit, Tsunade couldnt remember ever feeling this good, or this wet. She stared blankly to the ceiling, feeling drained to the point she couldnt move other than to lift a hand to rub the scalp of the one who was still striving to bring her to heaven, over and over again. But, she was starting to feel the itch move deeper than the skilled tongue could reach. Please, II need she moaned louder right before the tongue stopped its movements.
What? What do you need, my Hime? a familiar voice said in a husky, seductive tone, before adding a quick nip at her clit.
Please, I need you inside me love.
She felt the bed shake a bit as the other person climbed to finally look at her face. Golden eyes met crystal blue.
It was Naruto, with her own juices still dripping off his face, Are you sure, my lovely Hime?
Yes, Naru-kun, make me your own, claim me! she moaned as she felt the heat from his rod against her own heat, I love you so much, I need you so badly, please, let me be your first! she exclaimed as she lifted her head into a deep, passionate kiss.
Once the kiss was broken, they locked eyes again, I love you too, Hime. I want nothing more than for you to be my first, last, and only. he said as his dick prodded at her lower lips, I want to be with you forever, Tsu-hime, and with that he began to press his way in.
OH KAMI, she moaned as she felt her long neglected passage stretch to accommodate the new intruder, Yes, Naruto, I will be with you forever, not even Kyuubi itself could force me to leave you all alone in this world again! She screamed in ecstasy as she felt him begin to pound her, faster and faster, harder and harder, until her voice was horse from her screams of passion. Naru-kun, she moaned as she felt the pressure within her body build, N-Naru-kun, I can feel you so deep inside of me, Im getting close
I am too, Tsu-hime, you feel so tight and warm, Naruto moaned, his breathing becoming labored, he thrust himself as deep as he could, his innards churning, IIm CUMMING! he grunted.
Tsunades world began to fade as she felt the warmth enter her body, triggering her own incredible orgasm.
I love you, my precious Tsunade-hime, was the last thing she heard before the room left her vision.
End Dream
End Flashback
Tsunade had awoken that morning with her pants soaked completely through. Even though she thought it was wrong, every night the dreams came back to different degrees, sometimes it was another incredible night of passion, others it was of a breath-taking romantic experience in some beautiful venue, and even once there was a dream of the children she feared could never be because of her age. No matter what she thought, she couldnt help but feel happy with these visions, in that short time between waking up and the moment she realized it was wrong, she was happier than she had ever been before.
It had made it even more uncomfortable by the fact that, since he had been told not to overdo it with his training and he was allowed fewer difficult missions, Naruto had taken to dropping by her office more. She felt she managed to keep her feelings hidden well enough, but every time she saw him walk through that door, she felt torn inside. The emotional part of her wanted to keep him close at all times, to keep him safe and happy, but the logical part of her knew that they couldnt be together and didnt want the temptation near, but couldnt bring her to actually force the young blonde away, knowing that would hurt him too much. So Tsunade did what she normally did when she had emotional problems, she drank. She drank more and more, hoping it would help drown out the thoughts of the Jinchuuriki, but it seemed to make things worse, and seemed to make her want to jump the poor boy more and more.
Damn it, I have to stop this, Im old enough to be his mother, hell, his grandmother. Why do I keep feeling this?
Tsunade downed the last of the bottle in her hand and looked out the office window, lights were coming on all over and the sun was setting, from this window, she could see the whole village, but her eyes kept drifting to the red roof of a specific apartment building. My god, whats happening to me? In her inebriated state, she actually had to stop herself from jumping out the window and going after him.
She soon found she didnt need to go to him, as he walked in her office door, Hey, obaa-chan.
She swiveled her chair to see the young man who had been plaguing her thoughts, Hey Naru-k-Naruto, is something wrong?
She caught a glimpse of something in his eyes before he put on his usual grin, Nah, everyone was busy, so Ive been bored all day, I just thought I would pay you a visit.
Hes lying, he was lonely, she thought, inwardly cursing the people who had ostracized him, You were just lonely, werent you?
Naruto looked panicked for a moment, What? No, no, I just wanted to make sure you werent drinking too much, but it smells like you were, he said, holding his nose.
Now hes just trying to make me mad to change the subject, he must not want worry me, how sweet, Tsunades emotional side seemed to begin gaining ground against the logical side with the help of the alcohol, Narutocome here, he seemed hesitant, but knew better than to argue with her when she had so much sake in her, and he seemed to have a glint of sadness in his eyes as he walked up to her she caught him off guard when she grabbed him and pulled him into a sitting position in her lap, hugging him close, You little baka, you know I am here for you, right, he nodded, then dont worry when you get lonely, you can just come to see me.
A few tears escaped Narutos eyes, happy with the warm embrace, ThanksTsunade-obaa-chan.
No problem, everyone feels alone once in a while, thats one reason I had Shizune with me. But, could you do something for me?
He turned his head just enough to see hers in the corner of his eye, What is it?
At least when were alone, could you just call me Tsunade?
He flashed her one of his trademark grins, No problem, Tsunade-chan.
Naruto didnt see her blush as the chair turned to face the window, Tsunade still holding him close as they looked out over the village, and they stayed like that for a little while before Naruto remembered the question that had been on his mind, Tsunade-chan, did I do something wrong lately? he turned to see a confused look on her face, Its just that, youve been acting a bit weird around me lately, and I thought I did something and forgot.
That question brought back all the things that had been bothering her the past week, but she still had a good amount of alcohol in her system, so a few of her inhibitions slipped. She just hugged him tighter and put her chin on his shoulder, nuzzling her cheek against his, No, no, no, no, you didnt do anything. I just have had things bothering me.
What kind of things, maybe I can help.
No, its okay, the older woman said, laughing nervously.
Naruto pulled himself out of her grip and stood facing her, No way, Tsunade-chan, you said you would be there for me, so its only right that I am here for you. Now tell me whats wrong.
So forceful, so responsible, so hot, NO, calm down, Tsunade, she shook her head as she fought back a lecherous grin that would have shamed Jiraya, Im sorry Naruto, I justcant.
Dont you trust me, Tsunade-chan, the tone in his voice and the look on his face brought a pang of guilt and pain to Tsunade.
Tsunade had tears welling up in her eyes, I do trust you, but its just… Im afraid. Afraid that youll hate me, or be disgusted, or laugh at me, and I dont think I could take that.
This must be big, Naruto thought, she didnt even seem this scared when Kabuto was doing that blood thing. Tsunade-chan, youre one of my most important people, I would never hate you, he said in a comforting tone, placing his hand on her shoulder.
Tsunade sniffled a bit, before looking into Narutos eyes, You promise?
He smiled and nodded, I promise.
Her emotions getting the better of her the moment she saw that smile, she grabbed his hand, We should talk somewhere more private, and, after locking the office door, she walked him over to a large bookshelf and pulled out a couple books and put them back in a different order, she then bit her finger and applied a drop of blood to the books in yet another different order. The spines of the books glowed, forming a seal, before a faint click was heard and the shelf came forward a bit, revealing a room. Once she led him in and closed the shelf behind them, she set him down on a couch inside. Naruto, this room is a great secret to the hokages. It is meant to serve as a rest during war-times when it is felt to be too dangerous for the hokage to leave the tower, but it is meant to be a secret so we dont have to worry about assassination attempts in our sleep, not even the elder advisors are meant to know about it.
Naruto was awed, and not just by the room, although it was nice. It had a few shelves, stocked with books that looked either too big or too complicated for his tastes, a large red, cushy couch, and a large bed in the corner, as well as a small door that led to an adjoining room. What shocked Naruto more was that Tsunade had entrusted him with a village secret, just so she could tell him something else.
Now, Naruto, the Godaime said, sitting next to him, what I am going to say will sound strange, but even if you dont like it, I want you to promise you wont tell anyone unless I let you, he nodded, but that seemed to make her more nervous, if he had said no, than she could have just told him she couldnt risk him telling others, but he just had to be so damn caring, so loving-NO, calm yourself, Tsunade. You see Naruto, I have been having these dreams lately
The gennin cocked his head to the side, What kind of dreams, Tsunade-chan?
Tsunade blushed a bit, and this time it didnt go unnoticed, Well, you know those books Kakashi is always reading, the ones Jiraya writes?
Naruto thought for a moment before his eyes went wide in realization, Those types of dreams? she nodded, well, uh well whats so bad? They cant be the first dreams youve had like that in your life.
Tsunades blush deepened, They arent, but these ones have been really good, better than any others.
Then, whats bothering you so much about them?
She looked away from the young Uzumaki, Its not so much the dreams that bother me; itsthe other person in them.
What do you mean? Whats wrong with dreaming about someone, even if its that kind of dream?
Naruto, a dream can be your minds way of working out your real feelings about something, especially if its the same kind of dreams over and over again. And the problem is this person is she mumbled something.
This person is what? Is it someone that hurt you or something?
She shook her head vigorously, No, this person isyou. Tsunade had her eyes closed, waiting for Narutos reaction, but after a few moments of silence, she looked up to see a blank, far-away expression on his face, she waved a hand in front of his face, and snapped her fingers in his ears a couples times, but there was no response. Oh dear Kami, I broke him.
Naruto wasnt broken, his mind was just trying to process what it just learned. This woman, this much older, experienced, and, he couldnt deny, beautiful woman, was having perverted dreams about him. As a teenage boy, he had to admit that he had a few of his own about the female Hokage, since he knew the truth about her youth jutsu. On the way back to the village with Tsunade, he had gotten in an argument with her that ended with him being launched into the air after making a comment about her hiding her real old-as-dirt face behind some stupid genjutsu. While he was recovering he had to wonder, he had insulted her about her age before, why did she react like that this time?
When he asked Shizune about it, after a few minutes of annoying her for the answer, she let him know it wasnt that he made fun of her age. It was that he insulted her jutsu, not just by calling it a genjutsu, but a stupid genjutsu. It turns out the jutsu she used to hide her age was not an illusion, but something she had worked on for years and used a lot of her medical knowledge to create. The jutsu was linked to the seal on Tsunades forehead, and used her knowledge of the human body to actually change itself, keeping skin tight and keeping the body in good shape. It was a lot like Narutos transformation technique, in that it actually changed her physical body. Shizune also said that while it takes a good amount of chakra to initially put the jutsu in place, it take a very small amount to keep it going and can just take a bit from what goes into the seal, Like putting ten coins in a bag then taking one out, is how she explained it. Learning that it actually WAS Tsunades real body that he had been seeing, and not an illusion, had brought about a few wet dreams starring the slug Sannin since that day to accompany the ones he already had about various girls his own age. And now he hears that the same woman, the Queen of Slugs and Elixirs, has been having fantasies about him, the Demon Child?
By now, Tsunade had started shaking him by the shoulders, trying to get a reaction, any reaction, just to show his brain was still working, Naruto, NARUTO! Say something!
He finally blinked, locking eyes with Tsunade; she could tell he was trying to think of what to say when he jus blurted out, Stop yelling in my ear! Tsunade shut up and the two of them sat in silence for a few minutes, trying to think of what to say next. Naruto was the one to break the silence, Im sorry for yelling like that, Tsunade-chan.
She shook her head, No, Naruto, Im sorry, I shouldnt have dropped such a bomb like that, why would want to be with an ugly old hag like me
Stop right there! Dont EVER say anything like that again! Naruto looked upset, but Tsunade would be surprised as to why, Dont ever say youre ugly, this caught the woman off guard, and her face showed that fact, Tsunade-chan, you are a very beautiful woman, and you worked hard making that jutsu to stay that way. And youre one of my most precious people, youre just as important to me as Sakura-chan. Besides, to tell the truth, Naruto turned away, face red as a tomato, and spoke hesitantly, II have had a few of those dreams about you too.
Tsunade was dumb founded, Really?
Naruto started staring at his feet like they were the most interesting things in the world, Well, yeah. I mean Im no pervert like Ero-sennin, but I am a growing teenager, and you are a beautiful woman
Tsunade, still feeling a buzz from the alcohol, didnt need to hear anymore and cut him off with a kiss. Naruto was too stunned at first to do anything, even when he felt Tsunades tongue pry its way between his lips. He moaned into the kiss as he felt her explore his mouth, he could taste what must have been sake on her breath. Part of her mind was screaming, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? But Tsunade couldnt bring her body to stop. As her hands snaked around him, rubbing his back and running her fingers through his hair, she felt his tongue begin to move from beneath her own. When the need for air became too great, they broke the kiss, both of them panting heavily.
Tsu-Tsunade-chan, that was, awesome, Naruto couldnt describe what he felt from the kiss, it was like his whole body was light and fluttery, except for one specific part that what rock hard.
Tsunade could only nod in agreement, admittedly, with it being his first kiss (as far as she knew), he wasnt the best, nor was he the worst, but there was something about it. Kami, I didnt even feel this good with Dan, there was just something about it being Naruto, knowing it was such a kind, considerate and loving soul, that just added to the kiss itself. She felt the warmth of it spread through her body, heating it more than the sak and becoming a greater addiction than the rice wine itself. Feeling the need for more, she dove in for another kiss, and this time Naruto was a bit more aggressive, shoving his tongue into her mouth as his hands wandered across her body, rubbing her lower back, a soft moan getting caught between them when he squeezed her shapely rear.
Tsunade, deciding to start returning some of the attentions she was receiving, broke her mouth away from his, working kisses across his cheeks and dragging her tongue across his whisker marks, causing the young teen to shiver at the feeling, before working more kisses along his jaw and down his neck, stopping to give a quick nibble to his earlobe. After a few minutes, she unzipped his jacket, moving her hands under his shirt and rubbing his newly forming abdominal muscles, I guess the Kyuubi is speeding along his recovery, she thought, as she felt a half formed six-pack beneath her fingers. She was surprised when she heard him begin to purr under her ministrations, but then and there decided it was one of the cutest things she had ever heard.
Naruto was surprised himself. He had never heard himself purr, but then he had never felt as good as he did with this beautiful womans soft lips on his neck and her delicate fingers drifting around his body. Taking some initiative, he reached one hand up and began to slowly rub her breast through her shirt, the other hand stroking along her thigh. They both groaned as Tsunade brought her head away from his neck and looked into his eyes. She brought her hands out of his shirt and removed her own top, her boobs bouncing free. Naruto was almost hypnotized by the fleshy orbs, until Tsunade grabbed his hands and placed them on her soft chest, the older womans pulse quickening even more as the boy began to softly knead and squeeze her tits.
Tsunade took his face in her hands and pulled him into another kiss, one of her hands returning to its place under his shirt as the other began to softly stroke the bilge through his pants, both moaning at the others actions.
When she felt the tent begin to throb, Tsunade stopped and pulled her lips away, Naruto groaning at the loss of sensation, and spoke in the most seductive voice she could muster Naruto-kun, do you want to go further? Do you want me? Do you need me Naru-kun?
Naruto blinked out of his daze, Yes, Tsunade-chan, I want to go further, if you want to, he said, sounding hopeful.
Tsunade unzipped her fellow blondes pants and pulled them down, leaving only his boxers between her and her prize, I want to more than anything, Naru-kun, and she pulled the boxers away, the rod springing free. She gave it an appraising look, it had grown to about nine inches in length, and a couple inches wide, Kami, I wonder how he would have been without the malnutrition, and hes probably still got a growth spurt ahead. Tsunade wrapped her hand around the member, You know, I dont think I thanked you properly before for saving my life, Naru-kun, so I believe I will now, and she lowered her head and began licking and kissing the tip of the rod, getting a loud groan from the teen. After a few moments, she engulfed the head and began to suck, one of her hands jerking the length that wasnt in her mouth as the other fondled his oversized testis, as she felt it throb more in her mouth.
Naruto was being overwhelmed by the feelings rushing through his body. This was, hands down, the greatest thing he had felt thus far in his life, he had seen things like this in the magazine he had found when he was little and developing the Oiroke no Jutsu, but he had never thought it could feel this good. As much as he wished this could go on forever, Naruto could feel the end closing in, TsuTsu-chan, Im almostgonna
Tsunade, taking the hint, swallowed the dick to the base, feeling it throb in her throat, she started to flex her throat muscles in response. The slug princess got her intended response as she felt the cock pulse, shooting a large amount of hot liquid down her throat and into her stomach, Kami, theres so much, she thought, as shot after shot fired into her belly, I guessed from the oversized balls he should release more than normal, but this is almost like having a faucet in my mouth. Thankfully, she soon began to feel it die down and pulled the dick out of her mouth to allow her to breathe, being rewarded with a few more generous sized spurts on her face and chest before it slowed to a slight drip. Tsunade started scooping it into her mouth, savoring the taste and the sloshing feeling of it in her stomach. The heat between her legs was skyrocketing, she felt almost like she had wet her panties, one of her hands reached into her pants, and began rubbing herself as the other began playing with her tits, I dont believe it, its never been like this, its so hot and it feels so good, i-it feels incredible. She suddenly felt an extra pair of hands reach under to waistband of her pants and pull them down, revealing a simple pair of red panties. She looked down to see her beloved Jinchuriki, his clothes discarded, pulling her pants off of her ankles and staring at the soaked panties, before looking up to her.
Tsunade, understanding the teens intentions, spread her legs to grant him access, removing her hand from her crotch and moving to her other breast and laying back against the couch. Naruto knelt on the ground and leaned in, giving a light test lick against the soaked undergarments, making Tsunade shiver in pleasure. Seeing her approval, he pulled the front of the panties aside, planting a longer lick against her sex, getting a good taste. Wow, Naruto thought as he continued to lick up and down her lips, this is pretty good, almost as good as ramen.
Naru-kun, the Hokage moaned, getting her lovers attention, please, inside, lick me on the inside, she panted.
Following the request, Naruto pressed his tongue into her folds, stretching it as far in as he could and wriggling it around getting loud moans from his partner. As he worked his tongue inside her, he felt his nose bump against something, causing Tsunade to gasp, and he opened his eye to see a small bulb in front of his face. He reached a hand over and gently rubbed a finger against it, earning him a splash of juices to his face as the older woman climaxed and went slack into the couch, panting loudly.
Naruto, not knowing better, was worried, Tsu-chan, are you okay?
The Godaime sat there for a moment before lifting her head to look at her new beau, Okay? she grabbed him and hugged him close, burying his head in her breasts, I feel great, Naru-kun! That was damn good for your first time.
Naruto managed to lift his head enough to look up to her from the valley in her chest, Well, I once found these magazines in the alley by my apartment building that I used for my Oiroke no Jutsu, so I just tried what was in them.
Tsunade felt a certain something poking her leg, Well, the woman said in a playful tone, reaching to grip his member, did you see anything else you want to try?
The teen turned red when he realized what she meant, If you really want to, Tsu-chan, we could his voice trailed off.
The elder blonde squeezed the rod in her hand, getting a moan from the young man, Im sorry, Naru-kun, youll have to speak up, we could what?
We could, the young Uzumaki gulped nervously, go all the way.
Go all the way where, Naru-kun? Tsunade was enjoying teasing the boy while reveling in the knowledge that someone nearly a fourth her age wanted to have sex with her. Naruto started stuttering and mumbling when she used her free hand to silence him, Uzumaki Naruto, I must say this is a first, to see you so afraid to speak, the younger blondes blush deepened, Naru-kun, you just ate my pussy after I sucked your rather well endowed cock; this really isnt a much bigger deal. Now repeat after me, I, Uzumaki Naruto
I, Uzumaki Naruto
Want to take you, Hokage Tsunade
Want to take you, Hokage Tsunade
An evil smile crossed the womans face, And fuck your brains out, she waited to hear him say it, but Naruto just turned a deeper red, and her smile softened, I need you to say it, Naru-kun, please, she whispered into his ear, giving another quick squeeze to his organ.
Naruto took a deep breath, If you let me, Tsu-chan, I w-want toI want to
You can say it, Naru-kun. You want to fuck me. She began to stroke him slowly.
I want to I want to fuck you, Tsu-chan, he moaned at the pleasure that shot up his spine.
Then what are we waiting for, she asked as she stood and led him to the bed, keeping a good grip on her new prize. When she got to the bed, she let go and lay down, spreading her legs wide, Take me, my Naru-kun.
Naruto tried to align himself, but, in his inexperience, slipped a couple times, getting a moan from the buxom woman when he bumped against her clit. Tsunade took hold of him and guided him in slowly. Once the head popped in, she looked to her new lover, Its been a long time, so start slow, okay?
Naruto nodded as his body shuddered from the feeling around the head of his dick. After taking a deep breath to calm down, he began to push himself in slowly, both blonds moaning softly at the feeling. Naruto had to stop about halfway in as he felt his lovers entrance begin to squeeze his member, some of her juices splashing out. This triggered his own orgasm as he fired a new load into Tsunade, the both of them moaning loudly as the pair collapsed on the bed, both feminine and masculine fluids oozing out around Narutos half entered cock.
Tsunade was panting lightly as Narutos head lay just between her breasts, God, she thought, I didnt think it had been that long, that Id cum so quickly. She shifted her body a bit and noticed something, is he still hard!? Naru-kun?
Give me a second, Tsu-chan, he panted before looking up to her from between her mounds with a slightly embarrassed look on his face, Im sorry I went off so fast. Ill try to be better this time.
Tsunade blinked, he thinks Im disappointed? She smiled, Take your time, Naru-kun, I need a moment too.
Naruto smiled lovingly and propped himself back up and started entering the rest of his dick into the warm, wet passage. Inch by inch, the two of them moaned at the feelings they gave each other. Once Naruto had about half an inch left, he felt the tip bump into something as Tsunade gasped.
Are you okay Tsu-chan? Naruto asked in a concerned tone.
Tsunade took a deep breath to recover, as a medical professional, she knew Naruto had just hit her cervix, and while it wasnt entirely unpleasant, it was rather uncomfortable, Yes, Im fine Naru-kun, but thats as far in as I want you to go, okay?
Naruto nodded, Im sorry.
Tsunade pulled him into a kiss, both of them moaning into it as Narutos dick shifted inside her and their tongues met, wrestling for dominance. When they separated, she looked lustfully into his eyes, You dont have to apologize, just fuck me.
Naruto obeyed and began to pull out some before thrusting back in. When he got a good rhythm going, he reached up and grabbed a tit, latching on with his mouth and sucking for all he was worth. Tsunade moaned loudly, smiling at Narutos initiative, and rubbed the back of his head before making a few quick hand signs behind his back for a lesser known medic jutsu for nurses. Naruto kept suckling as the breast swelled a bit before he felt a warm liquid splash into his mouth. He sputtered a bit, surprised by the sweet liquid, and looked questioningly to Tsunade, who just smiled and pulled his head back to her breast. Naruto took the hint and re-started his suckling, enjoying more of his lovers gift.
Soon though, Tsunade could feel him twitch and speed up inside of her. Naruto pulled his mouth away from his snack, groaning loudly.
Tsu-chan, IIm gonna he trailed of, moaning as he began to thrust out of control. Tsunades pleasure grew, as did her pain, when with one final thrust, Naruto buried himself completely in her folds, his swelling head forming a seal once it pierced her cervix, before he directly flooded her womb with his fresh seed.
Despite the pain and discomfort, Tsunade moaned as she felt a warmth spread through her insides as her womb swelled slightly with cum, the pressure pushing her over the edge as she felt her own orgasm crash down on her, stars filling her vision. After a few moments her vision cleared and she noticed a weight on her body, she looked down to see her lover slumped against her body, his face hidden by both her breasts and his hair.
That was great, Naru-kun, she purred, but she was only answered by a light snore. Tsunade lifted his head a bit, confirming he had passed out. She smiled, Well, I guess three times is pretty good for a virgin. She reached down slowly, careful not to disturb Naruto, and pulled a blanket over the both of them, before snuggling closer to Naruto and nodding off herself.
Naruto woke from what he felt may have been the best nights sleep he had ever had surrounded by warmth on what seemed to be two of the softest pillows he had ever felt. His memories of the previous night rushed back when he noticed the tight, wet warmth around his morning problem. His head shot up and he found himself staring into a pair of golden eyes.
Tsunade had been up for a little while herself, she had woken to the pleasant feeling of Narutos morning wood inside of her and slowly humping in and out in his sleep. She bit back a moan as she looked to the side of the bed, surprised to see it was before 6:00 in the morning. She felt way more awake and energetic than she should this early without coffee after staying up so late, in fact she felt better than she had in a long time. She felt her lovers movement stop and looked down. He seemed to be waking up. He looked up from his breast pillows and lock eyes with her.
She could see a nervous glint in his eye, but she just smiled, leaned down a bit, feeling the rod inside her shift slightly, and kissed him on his forehead, Good morning, Naru-kun.
The blond boy smiled while blushing a bit, G-good morning Tsu-chan.
Aww, theres no need to be embarrassed, Naru-kun, the Hokage said deviously, at least, not after what we did last night. She added, deepening the young mans blush, As much as I want to continue this, we should probably get up, she pointed to a small door at the side of the room, Theres a shower there you can wash up in, if you want.
Naruto nodded and slowly withdrew himself from within Tsunade, giving a quick tug to get his swollen head out of her cervix, grabbed some of his clothes and headed to the bathroom. Tsunade sat up after he left the room and noticed a fewoddities. First was the slight flow of semen out of her hole, while it should have been expected, it was less than it should have been after her stretching and filling the night before. Another thing was her movement, her body felt lighter, but she forgot that for the moment when she saw a small splash of white on the couch. She stood up and went to check it, a slight wobble in her step. On a closer look it was some of Narutos cum, but strangely it hadnt dried, and when she felt it she was surprised it was still warm.
What the hell? She thought, rubbing it between her thumb and forefinger, How is that possible? She wondered as she absently sucked the goo off of her fingers. She kept thinking as she cleaned up the room and changed the bed linens. She finished when Naruto came back out of the bathroom in his boxers.
Naruto was nervous and silent for a moment, before shakily saying, I should probably get home and get ready for the day, Tsunade-chan. He headed to the door but was stopped by Tsunade.
Hold on, Naru-kun, we have a couple things to talk about, she pulled him back to the couch and looked him in the eye, Naru-kun, do you regret last night? Naruto, not trusting his voice, shook his head and she smiled, Good, because I dont either, and I wouldnt mind some repeat performances in the future, she took a moment to enjoy his blush, but this is something we should keep between us for now.
A bit of sadness seeped into Narutos eyes, I know, people would be pissed about the Hokage with-
You say anything close to demon and Ill knock you out, Naru-kun. Tsunade interrupted him, Yes, I dont want people to know about us, but not because of that.
Naruto was confused, Then why?
The blond woman sighed, To be perfectly honest, aside from the reactions to our age difference, it would make it hard for you to get a girlfriend.
Now the gennin was really confused, he took her hand in his, But I have you, Tsu-chan, dont I?
Tsunade smiled and nodded with a tear in the corner of her eye, Yes you do, Naru-kun, but, as much as I may deny the fact and despite my jutsu, Im old. Someday youll want a family, Naru-kun. Its already too late for me to safely bear a child, and in a couple years it will too late all together. A younger girl can have your children, and keep you company after Imgone. She noticed the solemn tone she had slipped into, and the saddened expression on Narutos face. She changed to a happier voice, Besides, if last night was your first time, youll wear this old woman out once you have some more experience under your belt, immediately Naruto turned a nervous red, and Tsunade decided to aim for the gold, she leaned a bit closer, bringing her still naked bust close to his face, and a third person in the bed might be fun. She was instantly rewarded with a slow flow of blood from his nose. She giggled as Naruto jumped off the couch and towards the door, whispering to himself, not a pervert, not a pervert.
One more thing, Naru-kun, Tsunade said as she walked to a drawer she kept some medical supplies in and pulled out a specimen jar. After a moments thought, she grabbed a couple more before turning back to him with a devious smile, I need something I missed on your physical.
Tsunade sat in her office a little while later working on yesterdays paperwork. Naruto had been embarrassed about her needing a donation, but he still did pretty well, Hell, a quarter of a jar would be pretty good, two and a half if fucking amazing.
Tsunade finished the old paperwork surprisingly fast and before moving on to todays, she suddenly had a flash of inspiration as she thought of Naruto, slapping her forehead at the simplicity. She made a shadow clone, who got started on the rest paperwork. Still feeling energetic, she grabbed one of the jars and her medical supplies and looked at the jars, feeling an odd craving. She grabbed the half full jar, opened it and downed the contents, feeling a warm feeling spread from her stomach, and her loins as well, and surprisingly she felt a bit of pep-up as well. Better than coffee, she thought before breaking the preservation seal one of the other jars and beginning her own analysis.
Shizune awoke early as usual, preparing things for her master for the day as she always had. She did the usual, prepared breakfast and the clothes for the day, fed Tonton, and finally went into Tsunades room, only to find it empty. Shizune sighed, usually if she fell asleep in the office, Tsunade would be stiff and irritable all day. Packing the breakfast and picking up Tonton, she quickly headed to the tower and up to the office, only to not only find Tsunade was hard at work, but two Tsunades. She stood in the doorway gaping at the scene as one worked hard on her paperwork and the other seemed to be analyzing something. She stayed like that for a moment before the paperwork-Tsunade looked up.
Morning Shizune, she said with a smile, which caused the other to look up.
Oh, good, youre here Shizune, the actual Tsunade said as she motioned her apprentice over.
Tsu-Tsunade-sama, whats going on? How are you up so early? The younger woman stammered.
Later, Shizune, I have a job for you, The blond said, her tone leaving no room for argument, Its still early, so the night shift is probably the only ones at the hospital, she handed Shizune a jar, I want you, personally, to perform a full analysis on this.
She looked at the jar, I-is this-
Yes, Shizune, now go, Tsunade cut her off
B-but whose, she was cut off again.
Shizune, the master medic said in an annoyed tone, Go, get the job done, I will tell you later, but I want this done discreetly before anyone else is in the lab. Once you have your results, come directly back to me. Okay?
Shizune nodded rapidly and left quickly as Tsunade sat back to her own analysis, Naruto, Ill admit you always keep things interesting.

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Code Lyoko Porn Story: New Girl Chapter 2

Code Lyoko Porn Story: New Girl Chapter 2


Timeline placement of this story! Okay, it’s after Raimundo becomes leader and he’s a Shoku Warrior and Omi, Clay and Kimiko are all Wudai Warriors.

Wuya is somehow magically a ghost again and working with Jack again because I think those two where the funniest evil duo!

Kimiko and Raimundo are a couple-but you guys probably already knew that. Hee.

And…that’s about it! Feel free to ask questions and enjoy the story!!

-and thats when my Pa tripped and knocked the whole bowl all over the entre family

-and thats when my Pa tripped and knocked the whole bowl all over the entre family!! Clay laughed, finishing his story. The monks where perched upon Dojos back, on their way to finding the Shen Gong Wu and above a desert like area with large cliffs in different areas. And since they had time, for now they where somewhat relaxed. Clay had even taken the chance to talk to Viv.

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[Argento] Sophie's Workout [Colorized]

Sonic Hentai Porn DoujinshiSonic Hentai Porn Doujinshi Continue reading

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Foster’s Porn Story: With a Little Help From My Friends Chapter 1

Foster’s Porn Story: With a Little Help From My Friends Chapter 1

Over the past few days I’ve been trying to revise a bunch of the
chapters in “Falling Apart”, part of the “More Than My Friend”
multi-fic. It’s mainly grammar and spelling errors I’ve been fixing,
but I tweaked chapter three of “Falling Apart” so I’m not in blatant
violation of “Good Wilt Hunting Anymore” (but I can’t be blamed for
doing it purposely; my story was finished about a year before the

here’s a story idea I’ve had for a little bit, but unfortunately the
site was giving me problems for the past few days (and still is – it’s
currently only letting me upload documents on certain internet

All feedback is appreciated!

The curiously gangly imaginary friend murmured in dismay the moment he realized what terrible things were afoot.

sooner had the familiar redbrick elementary school come into view up
ahead, immediately he spotted a small blur shoot off down the sidewalk
towards him in a straight beeline. Instinctively he increased the lanky
gait he had been previously traveling at into a swift jog, and rushed
to intercept the child scampering towards him.

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Who jizm on Miss Bellum face and boobies

Hentai Powerpuff Girls

Hentai Picture: Who jizm on Miss Bellum face and boobies
Check that the collection of extra-sophisticated images much more agile than you can fancy: the most divine, tireless and the poshest sex tools right here all at our place… Loveable Miss Bellum playing a skin lute enthusiastically and receives a deep creampie in her shaved pussy! Some Powerpuff Girls girls crave for some raw fuck – they fuck wherever they can and receive big pokers in their fuck-willing twats…

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